Ayşe Ünal Ersönmez

ayse unal ersonmez

Ayşe was born in Ankara in 1973 and graduated from the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul in 1995. She worked as a Patent and Trademark Attorney at Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency between October 1997 and May 2012.

She started as a translator of patent specifications and legal documents but soon expanded her area of expertise within the company by becoming a registered patent and trademark attorney before the Turkish Patent Institute on 1998 and a European patent attorney registered by the European Patent Office on 2001. She represented foreign clients in intellectual property matters in Turkey and also worked as a manager of the department of patents and industrial designs of the company. She was elected as the sole attendee from Turkey to the Train the Trainers Programme of the European Patent Office in the framework of which she was educated as a trainer between February and June 2009 for training local patent attorneys in Turkey on the European patent system.

After 15 years of corporate life, Ayşe decided to become a freelancer and as of 2012, started working as an intellectual property rights consultant and teaching in the Patent Professional Certificate Programme, Continuing Education Center, Istanbul Technical University.

Ayşe also works as a freelance legal and technical translator and has vast experience in legal and business translations (contracts, annual reports, workflow documents, lawsuit petitions, evidences, expert reports, etc.) as well as patent translations and technical translations (medical, chemical, mechanical, etc.).

Ayşe is also an avid literature enthusiast and a literary translator having published 3 novel translations with 2 more on the way.