Felix Lee


Felix is a business catalyst and connector of more than 33 years managing multi-dimensional marketing, innovating socio-environments in wireless and mobile media.

He leads and deploys lab research to industry-commercial status, and mentors more than 20 companies under incubation.

As COO of Samsung Group’s e-business and bridging consultancy operations outside of Korea, Felix has conceived wearable devices and gamified learning pedagogy. Competencies in business modelling, alliance marketing, product packaging, solutions marketing, and SI add to his deal flow and portfolio. Familiar with the APAC territories including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and China, Felix has listed his company, been involved in M&A of state investee companies, designed theme parks, and executed several national level events.

Felix currently advises companies on funds and grants, alliances, and marketing collaborations. His recent focus includes mobile LBS with AR, social-powered promotions, edutainment devices, and wearable interfaces for lifestyle and connected content.