Stage-Co Masters provides workshops, mentorship training, pre-acceleration program and pre-seed fund in order to increase the success of startups and the related persons and organisations.

Special focus on Mentorship training and our pre-accelerator Mature with Pre-Seed Funding.


Stage-Co Masters is a platform providing programs for startups, mentors and investors. The programs are held in different places, mainly coworking places, universities running special programs for startups and large companies.

The topics try to cover all the skills needed for startups as well as mentors and investors. At the core we have trainers specialised in 1 or more topics, venues and Stage-Co Masters as the platform to organise, attract and evaluate.

Stage-Co Masters is part of Stage-Co, a fast growing community platform focused on the startup scene is EMENA.

Next to Stage-Co Masters we also have Stage-Co Platform, a network community active in Turkiye and with plans to go abroad.


Next to our Mentorship Training workshop we also introduced a pre-accelerator called Mature combined with our Pre-Seed Fund.

We understand that in the EMENA region there is a lack of preparing startups to get ready for a full Acceleration program, Angel Investment or VC funding.

Therefore we focus on the Mentorship training, which is part of the full curriculum we offer, and the pre-acceleration we see as an intensive training based on lean startup.

The Pre-Seed fund is a must to support early stage startups before even starting a legal entity and at the same time combine it with Mature so we can help shape the team, the product and the business case.


Stage-Co Masters pre-accelerator combined with our Pre-Seed Fund.

First time entrepreneurs, graduates, unemployed, researchers are the main focus of our pre-accelerator called Mature.

In the EMENA region specifically we are lacking experience and a proven track record to produce startups that are ready for a full fletch accelerator, an Angel Investor, VC or any other investor company. Therefor a pre-accelerator is a great opportunity for those people/teams to work on their basic skills and be prepared for the next step.

Stage-Co Masters’ Mentorship workshop designed to Introduce Worldclass Startup Mentors to Global Startup Ecosystem.

Our Certificate Program includes of topics like Lean Startup, How to Pitch, Business Models, Marketing, Product/Project Management, Financial Management, Selected Law Topics.

Once a mentor is certified by Stage-Co Masters, he/she will be a part of our alumni and have a chance to be Stage-Co Masters Trainer in the workshops/trainings organized by Stage-Co Masters and to be mentor in Stage-Co startup pool.

Stage-Co Masters’ workshops/trainings consisting of Kapsuls and I CAN!s

Hands on can be seen as our credo as that is actually what we experienced as the best way to learn and to teach.

We are not a school or university but a group of professionals who like to transfer our knowledge and experience to those who can benefit from it.

Stage-Co Masters enables this action by providing a platform for trainers who can come to us an offer their topics and program.


StagecoMastersStage-Co Masters enables this action by providing a platform for trainers who can come to us an offer their topics and program. We evaluate if the trainer and topic(s) match our audience and put the program on our platform. We connect his or her agenda to our online platform and publish to the audience. Each program requires a minimum of subscribers to go on. After each training workshop the participants can evaluate online how her or she experienced the training. This evaluation is connected to the trainer as well as to the program, online, so all information is shared.


Length is 3 hours maximum, mainly during evenings.

This format is a perfect starter to get more insights on specific topics. Sometimes they can be enough to start working on what you desired. In some cases they can be a trigger to participate a more indebt training workshop.

The method we use to transfer knowledge and experience is called “training workshop”. It actually combines 2 methods. Training is focusing on teaching while a workshop is based on intensive discussion and activity.

The result should be that while following the training workshop you can put in practice what was shared, so you CAN do it.


Patrick Bosteels

Maestro of Startup Trainings, Girişim Ustası as he calls himself. Serial entrepreneur with +30 years of experience. Born & raised in Belgium, moved to Turkiye to challenge & disrupt the Startup Ecosystem. Co-founder of Stage-Co and CoderDojo Türkiye. Read more about Patrick here on his blog.

Neşen Yücel

Former banking professional with vast experience in marketing and business development. Co-founder of Stage-Co and CoderDojo Türkiye. Read more about Neşen here.



Gökçe Demirtaş

Gokce started her own company in the USA and was awarded Minority Entrepreneur of the year by Memphis Business Development Corporation. She came back to Turkey and worked as an executive in advertising and entertainment. She lead media strategy for Teknosa, Carrefour, Lassa, Bridgestone and many small national and international accounts. She is currently marketing & strategy consultant for several local and national brands. More about Gökçe