Ergun Gümüş

Ergun Gümüş - Mentor

Raging Aries with inevitable touch of an Aquarius, obsessed about nothing, his primary target is happiness. Takes care of his health, shape, mind and soul.

More than 20 years in Professional life, experienced different locations, cultures, working environments and industries. Dealt with consumer brains for last 10 years.

Specialized in marketing, strategy, branding, consumer research and last but not least neuromarketing.

Early years in Henkel starting from asst. Product Manager to SBU Manager, working locations include İzmir, İstanbul, Vienna and Dusseldorf. Transformation years in Teba from Marketing Manager to Business Director based in İzmir, covering all exporting countries.  Maturity with GÜMÜŞ Consulting and Research based in İstanbul, servicing various industries. Launched recently new neuromarketing tool called Emoreader.