Neşen Yücel


 Neşen chose to give a big twist to her career after 13 years of experience in the biggest banks of Turkiye, during which she specialized on product management, marketing and marketing communications. In 2012 Neşen started her own company as a consultant and also have been running own projects. Ever since that decision, her life has the dynamism back long missed since university years when every morning you wake up to a new goal or challenge but most importantly, an opportunity.

In addition to her own projects, thanks to her education at Bogazici University Translation and Interpretation Studies and MBA degree from University of West Georgia, USA; she has been busy working on both local projects and companies worldwide for their marketing efforts as well as localization in Turkey. Neşen is focused on digital marketing, business development and localization for digital and mobile projects and sometimes translation with a business perspective.
Being the co-owner of 2 grassroots startups, Neşen is the managing partner of Stage-Co, a platform where startup companies, investors and mentors come together at events and programs in Istanbul, İzmir, Eskişehir for beginning. Being a mentor and entrepreneur herself, Neşen is very fond of being a part of the startup ecosystem in Turkey and looking forward to add more to it.

Please contact Neşen for marketing, marketing communications and business development needs of your startup or any questions around it.