Patrick Bosteels


Being a passionate creator, Patrick Bosteels never tasted corporate life. A creator of many things starting in school, very early at the Academy of fine Arts in Gent, Belgium to become a photographer, cineaste. Patrick spent his first professional years as a free-lancer working for video-productions and television. Followed very soon by his first company and many more to come.

A serial entrepreneur pure sang, always in a combination of design, technology and user experience. Never a manager, but a dedicated coach and “human connector”. Belgium was for long his home base, but very early he started to work all over Europe and landed in Istanbul, Turkiye; where he found his roots and the challenges he awaited for.

Patrick was very active in Mobile Monday Belgium, Bratislava and other chapters, co-organizing one day events like Appsmarathon, Droidcon, TechMAP and UXperts. The focus has been always on mobile as a complete platform, emphasizing on the future use cases and trends. mLove lover from the beginning and today one of the ambassadors from the “Ted for Mobile” organisation according Wired Magazine.

Patrick Bosteels got great feedback on his talks on conferences exploring the full mobile eco-system that gave him the exposure and appreciation to get more and more into mentoring for great VCs and start-ups. A great initiative Capptain, based in Paris, is a great challenge for him as an independent board member and exploring also more social engaged projects as a board member for iDrops Belgium.

After a rich business story in Belgium and abroad he relocated to Istanbul where he started back from square one, but armed with a huge toolcase of experience. The result is the start of STAGE-Co, a co-working project where the focus is on mentoring and networking with start-ups, business and VCs.

Patrick Bosteels does not see himself as a thought leader but as an explorer who likes to share his insights and knowledge and is not afraid of a constructive debate.