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Forget the new iPhone or Galaxy. Watches, glasses, rings and bracelets full of sensors and new visualisation techniques will define our future. Singularity is a step closer. We are trying hard to have some players in this market to explain what all this new cool will mean for and how important this is to the startup community.

Doors open at 5.30 pm and at 6 pm we start. Presentations are in English.



– Patrick Bosteels, short introduction on “Singularity explained easy”
– Hale Yaman from Pozitron will present “Looking Through the Google Glass” and yes, she will have a Google Glass with her.
– Ergun Gumus will give you a futuristic insight on what is possible today “Control it with your mind”
– Barış Ruacan, Qualcomm, will highlight their new smartwatch Toq
– 2 non confirmed speakers with watches. Cross fingers.

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