Stage-Co Platform

Stage-Co aims to support Startups, Mentors and Investors in Turkiye to connect with each other in order to build a successful startup community.

Stage-Co Platform is a portal where…

  • Driven entrepreneurs
  • Experienced professionals
  • Talented designers
  • Inspired developers
  • Dedicated civil servants

meet and connect. Everyone who’s interested in creating startups, building a community, making the world a better place can join!

We organise in Istanbul, Izmir and other main cities Startup Weekends, Hackathons, Meetups and particpate in other organisations as a speaker or panel leader/participant.

Today we are active in İstanbul, İzmir and many other cities in Turkey; and already collaborate with organisations in Germany, Belgium, Iran, US, Russia and Balkan countries.

All of Stage-Co Platform meetups are executed thanks to our sponsors, so feel free to contact us for sponsoring an event, and reach out to our large database and get a slot to present your company/brand/project.

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