Global Agripreneurs Summit 2018

  • 11:30

The Global Agripreneurs Summit is an industry highlight in the agrifood tech sector that dives deep to understand where the source of our food is coming from.

The Summit aims to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to the industry to reignite agriculture as a key pillar for global economical growth and sustainability. It showcases highlighting cutting-edge solutions from farm to fork; industry experts and stakeholders meetups for the potential of new synergies and cross border opportunities; and delivers the global stage to learn insights from influencers and controversial voices from thefield of sustainability, food security, production and traceability.

The Summit brings increasing interaction between farmers, agripreneurs, investors, the private sector, government and other stakeholders from around the world to build awareness of the industry potential, introduce game changing innovations, and attract the necessary talent that will revive the 40% of the workforce employed by agriculture, as well as, gain increased attention from the youth to see agriculture as a food basket opportunity.

FAC Global Championships is the highlight event within the Summit where the winning agripreneur from over 60 nations across 5 continents competes at an international level to be entitled the Agripreneur of the Year to receive dedicated resources to help them grow their business and expand into new markets. The leading global competition is focused on discovering and accelerating innovative and fundable ventures addressing the entire food value chain from farm to fork.

Every yearthe Summit travels to a new destination to bring increasing interaction between farmers, agripreneurs, investors, the private sector, government and other stakeholders. From Colombia 2016, to South Africa 2017 and now off to Turkey 2018, it energizes the traditional agrifood industry into an innovative space to reignite agriculture as a key pillar for global economical growth and sustainability.

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We are very happy to be part of Global Agripreneur Summit, this year held in İstanbul(last year in Johannesburg, South Africa). You will find 10 free tickets in our Newsletter, next to #sportup pitch competition and blog post around the GBA success thanks to Insider!