Pirates on Shore Ankara

  • 18:00
  • Bilkent Cyberpark Dr. Fikret Yücel Konferans Salonu - Cyberpark Cyberplaza B Blok Ankara, 06800


Stage-Co on Tour with Pirates On Shore

According to Stavros Messinis, Co-Founder of The Cube Athens about Pirate Summit: “I think of the most impactful event on the European startup calendar”. With Stage-Co we share the same thoughts and that is why we organized a Tour together, starting in Cyprus, then Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Startups will have a chance to pitch to the Pirate Team and investors. The winner per city earns a wildcard for the Pirate Summit Day 1 pitch competition. We are very excited we could finally get them over and get the AARh in our region 🙂


Pitch Jury:

followed by networking


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